Thursday, June 07, 2012

Alex Ong is very angry, pushes old lady off the bus, probably thinks it's his grandfather's bus

25 year old Alex Ong pushes an old woman out of the bus after she pisses him off by pressing the bell late. Watch the video above. He looks so angry, I thought he's going to turn into the Hulk and smash the entire bus.

Alex claims he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, clinical depression and autism-spectrum disorder. He says his anger stemmed from incidents that happened earlier in his life. He writes on his blog: "In fact, at one point I got so angry that I really took a knife and told my father, 'let’s go kill some Chinamen'. Of course, my dad had to literally physically stop me from doing so, but my anger remained. And quite unfortunately, my anger, which had nowhere to go, had to be released on an innocent old lady."

Now thanks to Alex, you too can have your very own My Grandfather Bus sticker which is inspired by Sticker Lady of course.


UPDATE: Alex Ong now has his own song! Get out of the bus now!!!


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